Graves & the Bad Weather were raised on the streets of Southern California, scavenging the alleys and back patios for bits of rock n' roll, scraps of folk, the last few drops of the blues and the occasional fix of punk. Husband and wife duo Taylor “Bear” Barisoff and Leandra Graves are the palpitating heart of the band, coming from backgrounds and personal experiences that grow through their lyrics like weeds such as depression, self-harm, heart-ache and the will to fight back against it all. Adam Schmidt, best man at their wedding, and Aldo Gomez are far more than just the band’s sex appeal; they are the teeth, the frenetic and diseased energy of the band. Together, they form a musical animal like no other, transmitting crunchy, foot-stomping riffs and intensely passionate vocals into otherwise stale airwaves, all the while muttering feverishly about a rock n’ roll revival like a lost prophet rooting through cigarette butts and broken guitar strings.


Vocals, Guitar / Leandra Graves
Guitar / Taylor "Bear" Barisoff
Bass / Adam Schmidt
Drums / Aldo Gomez


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